French Drains & Flooding in Nova Scotia

French Drains & Flooding in Nova Scotia

As beautiful of a province as Nova Scotia is, there’s no denying that it can be soppy and wet. Many houses and basements are prone to flooding at different times throughout the year.

Advantage Contracting is here to help! We expertly install French drains and other water diversions to help keep your Nova Scotia property dry.

What does a French drain do?

A French drain helps to redirect water and subsoil away from problem areas on your property. By doing this, it helps to reduce flooding and the pooling of water. Excessive water sitting on your lawn can cause moss growth, kill grass, and make it almost impossible to mow a certain area of your landscape.French drain, Nova Scotia

Over time the collected water will leak through concrete walls and come up through floor drains. Long lasting ramifications from prolonged flooding can result in the degradation of footings, deterioration of floor joints, and crumbling brickwork.  

Investing in proper drainage now can save you headaches and thousands upon thousands of dollars in the future!

How does Advantage Contracting install French drains?

First and foremost, Advantage Contracting will meet with you and perform an environmental scan of the area in question. We’ll assess where the water is collecting and determine the high and low points of your property. By doing this we ensure that water will be effectively moved from place to place without creating additional pooling and leading water away.    

Once the area is assessed, our team will dig a trench starting at the high point of the problem area and leading to a low point on the property.


Next we add landscape fabric along the trench and 1” clear stone from end to end. The initial combination of the two helps to protect the drain from clogging after installation. We then add perforated pipe from one end to the other. Depending on the area and project, we may use something called O pipe. This type of pipe is prewrapped in fabric – which means that we can omit laying landscape fabric first.

Once the pipe is laid, we then top off with more aggregate. The stone acts as a barrier from the surrounding earth and as a filter for the redirected water.

Lastly, we finish with expertly applied grading of the area. This will assist in redirecting the water away from the building!

Does this sound like something we can help you with?

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